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Soon will come the New year. Shop Windows dressed up in holiday decorations: Christmas decorations, streamers, glittering garlands and other Christmas tinsel. Under New Year we, for some reason, become better, we begin to believe the best and just enjoy life, winter, each other. The new year is always a magical holiday that want to meet unusual, to looking at pictures, remembering happy moments.

it So happened that at work, we spend most of the time, the staff became our second sevenICW a sense of "unified command".

To guide corporate party - an occasion to demonstrate the capabilities of the company and care about the employees, and in addition, it is a great way to get acquainted with their colleagues and representatives of partner companies, to have a good time in the end. It is not surprising that such a multi-purpose and social event has its own rules and secrets.

Preparations should begin two weeks. Corporate new year the event, which in any case can not let go. Otherwise familiar with each other, the staff, ROSBOVC to sum up the year, celebrate the achievements of the team. For the head new year's eve party - an excellent chance to shake the hand of every employee to personally thank them for the excellent work.

To your corporate New year was memorable and unique, you should think in advance about how you will celebrate it. It should be a day of smiles and delight, dances and confetti, surprises and ordinary miracle. How to do it?

typically, the organization of this operation is best left to professionals. This can be the master of ceremonies ordered the artistic team. Correct diction and voice intelligibility, wit, and tact, the ability to stir the audience, the availability of costumes and various impromptu programs - such are the qualities you need as an organizer. Pre-read the forums, which positively characterized the company, who carry out the activities.

Consult with professionals on how best to celebrate the New year, given the contingent of your team. Maybe your team will go benefit new year's masquerade. If you are assigned to organize a corporate party, but ideas don't, that's the moment when you can slap yourself on your forehead and breathe a sigh of relief. Masquerade will surely appeal to everyone: serious uncles and glamorous fashionistas.

And you can arrange a retro-disco: the music 80-90 years, we met and fell in love. All is not lost memories! We'll have this again! Dress code for this party age appropriate. Your employees will be delighted to be back in her past and feel young.

For the older team suit new blue light in the style of 40-60. the Entire holiday is complete based on the movie "carnival night".

Include in your karaoke night : who better to be able to represent your favorite artist.

I Hope some of these ideas will help you to determine the theme of your corporate celebration. But the choice of topics is only the first step to organizing the evening. You have to write a script or at least listen to the evening was slim and organized, avoid overlap and lingering pauses. If you never wrote these things and have no idea how to do it, it is better to seek help from professionals.

first we need to determine a budget holiday. Usually allocated a certain amount, within which you have to dance. When you yourself have sketched out a rough scenario plan, include the main characters of the festival and key points, a rough picture emerges of the costs. All your expenses (even the minimum) should be considered and, preferably, backed by cash receipts.

Before you make a bulk purchase of products and various decorations, coordinate the estimate of the event with the authorities. In small groups, in small businesses it is quite possible for parties due to employees.

One of the key points that will have to decide the venue of the event. Actually options suntwo: in the home office or rent for these purposes, a Banquet hall in the restaurant "Sultan Palace", you, in any case, it is necessary to proceed, first, from the budget, and secondly , the theme of the evening.

take Care of the menu in advance. Our pruchnicki will help you!

the restaurant "Sultan Palace", You will enjoy unforgettable dancing, delicious meals, quality service.

the restaurant "Sultan Palace" this place has long been loved by residents and visitors. Lions !!!

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