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Lviv, Uhorska str, 26
tel. (063) 537-0001
(098) 916-0001

"Sultan Palace" elegant place, the architecture of which exoticism is second to none.

two-Storey building of the restaurant complex not seem so big at first glance, but beating the school on the other side you can see the "Sultan Palace" in all its glory.

"Sultan Palace" looks original, not only outside, in the shower visitors a cozy restaurant and banketki, located on the first and second floors.

a Banquet hall for 200 people, and is best suited for weddings, graduations and anniversaries and large banquets.

in addition to luxurious rooms, the restaurant "Sultan Palace" is one of the best in Lviv summer terrace surrounded by flowers and greenery well-tended landscape.

reservations by phone:
(063) 537-0001
(098) 916-0001